How to escape from an impasse.

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How to make a crucial decision when you are not sure?

The first step is to switch off your brain and stop  re-acting. 

How many times have you found yourself on the edge? Struggling to keep the mind clear because you have to make that decision as ASAP…and you cannot fail. But the mind makes only noises and keeps you trapped in an impasse, because you don’t know which one of the several options the mind gave you, is the right one….They contradict each another but still all of them are possible and each of them at times seems to be the best decision to make. It depends just on the life state of the moment you are feeling. Welcome into the “Matrix”.

“Matrix” is the world that all of us common mortal beings know and live every day. Where time, space gravity dictate the rules and where the math is a mere science with the purpose to define the matter. In this world, you are perfectly identified with your mind and your body. As such you are just a limited being which lives into the illusion of a reality made of what is perceived through the five senses. This is the dichotomous world of sin, fear, aging, poverty, violence, disease, wrong or right,  and death. You have none chance in this world. Because someone else (family, society, environment) has already established the rules of the game and most importantly, has already defined who you are and who you will be through programmes activated in different phases of your childhood.

As well known, the brain tends to repeat the same neuronal paths imprinted by prime  experiences we have had up to the age of 7 years, for survival reasons. It happen because the brain doesn’t distinguish present and past. But it lives always in the present moment. The “Now”. In other words, our brain gives to our body (feelings and emotions) the command to act always at the same way even though we are experiencing different situations at a different age with different people. It is called “anachronism”.

This lead us to a permanent feeling of stress, insecurity, dissatisfaction, anger, fear and head us in making mistakes when we believe to be our mind and our body. Especially if we are emotionally involved. Therefore, the first step to make for escaping an impasse, is to recognize that we own our mind and our body: we have feelings and thoughts. Rather then we are our feelings and our thoughts. This is crucial. This awareness allows us to shut our brain up at our will. Because we know that we are not our Ego and there is none threat which can harm us. Since we stop to mind to ourselves as matter and we start to think about us as “Energy”, everything changes. Included our habit to put our brain on autopilot mode. Consequently, our body won’t re-act with inappropriate emotions. This happen as we recognize our soul made of the same substance of the Universe that is vibrations/frequencies=Energy. What we call Energy is the Divine Intelligence which permeates, penetrates and fills the inter space of the Universe. Therefore, we are the Divine Intelligence, we are the Creators. As such, we own the power to materialize whatsoever with the power of our thoughts and emotions. But mind this point, because here there is not distinction between positive and negative. Every thought filled by emotions gets materialized either positive or negative. Indeed, it is wise not to make any action when we are in this low frequencies mode. As the result is likely to be a mistake which could turn into a lost/loss.

If you want to achieve different results you must think and act differently.

The second step is diving deep into the “Now” and surrender.

Hence, awareness is the key of the Heaven door. We must align ourselves with high frequencies which get us into the Flow of the Universe and makes us Creators.

We must stop to think at the reality as it looks like at the current moment and be aware that we can create a completely new one at our pleasure. The secret is to be present hundred percent into the “Now” despite the events. Which means detaching ourselves from the reality where we are identified with our mind and focusing on observing our mind ( what kind of thoughts we have) and our body reaction while we are living a certain situation. As we are looking ourselves from outside. If the outcome is a tense body, thought headed to the past, feeling of sadness, anger, frustration, doubt, scarcity, insecurity or anxiety when thoughts are into the future. Then we know that our brain is tracking an old pattern or neuro path which we want to change.

First of all, we need to surrender for the change to happen. That means finding the strength to recognize and accept the situation for what it is being aware that whatever is happening is just our life time situation and as such is temporary. Then always being in touch with our Essence which reminds us that our life time is not our life time situation and less than ever it can be confined and limited from what is happening in this reality. We can tap into our Creator power to get the creativity inspiration and get the situation changed by following the Flow of the Universe. This involves staying into the present moment avoiding to add any psychological time. As any projection either past or future once is just a victimizing get away from the moment and it is a resistance to what is happening. This will fail the surrender.

The third step is Acting.

Just stay in touch with Nature as much as you can. Breath deeply getting into yourself the light through feeling the energy flowing into your body, each single part of it. And keep the clarity of mind feeling and knowing that you are the captain. The brain is just a tool which has not to be used for getting the creativity inspiration. After all, this is the right time to get Action.

Here action has got a double meaning, hence it requires a double action:

  • Inner Action. We have to visualize the outcome we aim to and feel it as it was already materialized. This meditation has to be done every day, until we get the result achie
  • Outer Action. Making an Action plan to achieve the goal and doing a little action every day which leads to the wanted result.

From this point of view, failures are just necessary middle steps to achieve our best version of ourselves.

Now,  whatever nature your impasse comes from get the following actions and you will thank me:

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 Love and Peace and never ever  give up.