How to turn negativity into a constructive achievement.

Or rather successful mindset: Fear re-programming in four simple steps.

Yes, here we are. When the moment counts, fears off paralyze us, stopping the flow through our mind working out. Which means our neuronal connections are producing rubbish behavioral patterns such as self sabotaging, self doubting, self pity, scarcity thoughts and so on…and why?…Because we all most of the time think that we are our emotions and rather than managing them, we left them leading us to make the wrong choices and actions. This is the reason why we fail an audition or a job interview or a competition or a business strategy or a relationship. Even though we had worked hard for that specific achievement, we were skillful enough for it and we were ready to have it all. Yet, it’s still missing the right mindset…Did we actually believe that we deserved anything we were working for? At the time of the crucial moment, were your thoughts focused on your fears rather than your desires? were you worried rather than serene? Did you have a grimace on your face rather than a smile? If the answer is yes, why are you surprised of your failures or negative events which happen into your life? It is you to create them, maybe unconsciously, but it’s still you. Hence, rather than be a victim of your fears and thoughts, why don’t you takeover holding the reins of your life.

How do you do it?

Fear can be used as fuel if you get aware about what Fear is, how it works ( the mechanism by which is triggered and how to cope with it) and what fears you have. Then, you can make the alchemy in four simple steps: 1. Recognize 2. Reframe. 3. Release 4.Retrain.

Now, if you pick the red pill…keep going reading. But there is no way back from Awareness.

What is Fear and how it works?

Fear is an unconscious biological response that steams from having certain deeply rooted beliefs and past experiences. In other words, it is an emotion. Fear is an emotional response to our thought. Therefore, if we have beliefs or past experiences that triggered Fear at that time, it will act each time is triggered again as unconscious. Because the prime past experience made up that specific neuronal path which has been fired by the repetition of the same response to similar situations. As already said in our previous articles. This is the mechanism, now let’s going to see when Fear can be triggered by what. 

This emotion is a defense mechanism which is triggered by everything can threaten our survival. Now, here there is the trap. The brain doesn’t make any distinction between false and real neither between past and present. There is just the present moment and anything belongs to our beliefs is real regardless. This is the reason why we see and perceive just what we are. The reality is just subjective or an illusion. Hence, even when our fears come from a concern which is not real, because nothing happened yet. The projection of something which could happen make it real. We are aligning ourselves and tuning on that kind of frequencies (negativity) that will make it happen. It comes by itself that fears turn to be real to ourselves even when they are just a concern or fake. That’s why is paramount having and keeping a positive (successful) mindset.

Fear can be triggered by:

  • Unusual sounds.
  • Loss, loneliness, abandonment.
  • Unpleasant smells or tastes.
  • Vague visual stimuli.
  • Sudden movement.
  • Unfriendly faces.
  • Potential pain and discomfort.
The biggest fears are:
  • Fear of failure.
  • Fear of not being good and smart enough.
  • Fear of disappointing either yourself or someone else.
  • Fear of being rejected.
  • Fear of being blamed.
  • Fear of Success.
  • Fear of being ashamed.

Get note of your fears and let’s starting off the process for making up a successful mindset by Fear re-programming.

Fear re-programming in 4 simple steps for constructive achievements.

The necessary premise is that:

  • you must separate what you do (failure) from what you are (failer).
  • Be aware that fears are subjective. Therefore, what is frightening for someone is not frightening for someone else.
  • Bear in mind the 3 ancient responses that the unconscious mind triggers as a mechanism of fear: 1. Running away. 2. Fighting your way out of the situation. 3. Freezing (not taking action).

After that, the solution is RE-FRAMING a thought = RE-PROGRAMMING.


Write down what are your fears or thought patterns, beliefs or emotions that held you back from success.
Keep in mind that your past is not equal your future. Rather your current decisions are equal your future. And then make the shift into the self-talking that held you back by making self questions and /or changing vocabulary. For example, ask to yourself “what are the 3 things you learned from that experience, which can lead you to success'”. And highlight all your positive qualities with a scale of 5:1.

SECOND STEP=RE-FRAMING a thought pattern.

Do link something positive to a negative experience through visualization: do writing down the negative experience, visualize it and do feel the emotions and remember YOU ARE NOT THE EMOTIONS. When you can manage both emotions (be detached) and thoughts (keeping a positive thinking) you have mastered them and stopped the automatic patterns. 
It won’t be enough doing it just once. The creation of new neuronal patterns (thoughts) comes from REPETITION and the minimum time is: 2 minutes every day for 30 days.

THIRD STEP=REALEASING negative thoughts and fears.

There are different ways to do it but everything comes down on BREATHING. Taking from 5 to 10 deep breaths and than you can do stretching or having a nice 15 minutes walk somewhere.


This is a process (Alignment) which involves a daily cycle of brain exercises lasting for at least 100 days in row with no exceptions to see results:

  • Visualizations : project what you want to be your new belief.
  • Emotionalize: make alive your visualization feeling what you seeing.
  • Acting in coherence: make 3 daily actions which take you closer to that new reality.
  • Affirmations: repeat aloud to yourself coherent sentences on yourself which see you as already there. Call out your new reality as you have already achieved it.

To briefly summarize, I would say whatever happen stay positive, be smiling and focused on your dreams and solutions rather than be worried and fearful. Then your present moment would be your freedom lifestyle.

If you have found this article helpful, please share it with a person you either love or care.

Love and Peace…and never ever give up.

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