Self Sabotaging is not inescapable.

Awareness of Fear turns Self Sabotage into Freedom.

What is exactly Self-sabotaging?

Yes, this is the question “what is it?”Have you ever found yourself a step away from your lifetime changing decision…and just when it’s time of making the last, final move you fall apart because of a little devilish voice, which hypnotizes you leading your action toward either a runaway or a fight to get out from the situation or freezing?

Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

We are facing our Self Sabotaging action as the by-product of Fear, as a repetition of our “familiar thoughts”or properly called neural pathways. Which have the mission to ensure the energy saving for the human’s brain in case of any life-threatening situation in order to survive. And when do we feel Fear, whether is real or not, our brain receives an alarm message. Hence, his re-action is a defensive closure embodied in behaviour repetition (said neural pathways), which is our subconscious mind (see my previous post). As the latter learned at young age, how to get away from everything associated with danger and pain…and wherever there’s Fear there are both danger and pain.

We are perfect as we are.

Our body is meant to conservation and survival, this is the reason for its self-healing power and its defensive mechanism. Which means it works perfectly. Then why things go wrong? Because we don’t know how our body/mind works. Because we don’t know the nature of our body/mind. Because we don’t know who we actually are and because we don’t know the power of the Unity/Alignment.

Self Sabotaging is not inescapable. The alchemy to turn it into Freedom is not allowing to Fear to be triggered by our thoughts. As we don’t see things as they are. But we see things as we are. And if we are so weak to believe that are being ends with our brain and emotions, then we actually will end up to be slaves of our thoughts and emotions, whatever they are.

Now, if you pick the red pill…keep going reading. But there is no way back from Awareness.

So, what is exactly Fear?

Fear is an unconscious or subconscious re-action (again) expressed as an emotion to danger, pain, discomfort, unknown and uncertainty. As such it is made of law vibes, which are the frequency of negativity. Therefore, our mind (neuronal pathways) would be crucially affected by them, focusing our attention(thoughts) on what we are fearing. Thus to manifest it, making it real thank to the Self Sabotaging re-action. This is called negative alignment or rather mind, heart, body and spirit working together as Unity.

If we are capable of negative alignment, can we practice positive alignment, thus to act the alchemy which turns Self Sabotaging into Freedom?

Yes, we can and it should be our own daily reality. This would mean getting out from “The Matrix”and finally to be Creators. What we were born to be.


The point is learning to recognize when our own fears are triggered in action and stopping our thoughts with few deep breaths. Which is like to say do switch off your brain (for further diving see “How to escape from an empasse”). The breath is our Gateway for bending reality, just as Neo bent the teaspoon. See yourself with your soul’s eyes and what you’ll see is your body. Stop the identification, thus to stop the negative vibes. When you feel your body clear through your breathing,thank the Universe for what you truly are and then just live in the moment (the Now)starting focusing your mind on your desires, on your Freedom, on your plans, on your family, on Love, on Sex, on whatsoever makes you smiling and feeling such powerful positive emotions as much as the Fear one.


Accept the fact of matter that the only thing we know is that we don’t know and embrace your wonderful journey.

Get out from your comfort zone, re-frame your thoughts or rather re-programme your subconscious mind and materialize the lifestyle you were born for. The financial situation included.


If you have found this post helpful, please share it with someone you care of.

Love and Peace …and never ever give up.

Some red pills of awareness for the deeper divers:

Focusing yourself into alignment with your desires – Abraham Hicks

The song “Living in the moment” by Jason Mraz

The movie “Limitless”2011, Director Neil Burger.

Make the work to be the expression of your soul’s purpose.

Perfect mind: perfect ride.