It’s Jasmine Testa here, from Yourself As Creator.

I find very attractive bumping into people, as it doesn’t happen just for a case. We meet who resonates with. Hence, that specific person, in that specific moment of our lifetime has something to tell us, or even better, we ourselves have something to give or tell them. As so here I’m, hopeful that this is going to be the beginning of a wonderful journey for all of us.

How to shift your life when you are short of time and money?

Mindfulness for richness. Building up a profitable business from scratch which gives you the freedom lifestyle you need to materialize all your dreams.

What has brought me to embrace the idea and the commitment to build up a business on line, was the extreme desire of Freedom, of expression and of course a pressing desire of wealth. Why? Because along my journey I realized that the nowadays society doesn’t fit to an awakened person.

When you really are in contact with your true nature, you realize that you are not just an ambulant body made of flesh and bones, useful to enrich someone else’s pockets through the fatigue of your labour and the passive activity of your brain.
When you are in touch with you heart and with your instinct, you realize that what we had believed when we were children, it was true. The world is exactly how we think about of it and our actions just materialize our thoughts. This is the magic. So, after extreme difficulties and challenges, I have just renewed and reminded to myself that I am not just my body. But I am a powerful soul continuously seeking for expression, realization and happiness. Therefore, rather than denying my dreams for the seek of fear, I’m challenging myself to keep going changing my life in better every single day that passes by and thanking the Universe for the life it gifted to me as well. Doing so, I’m trying to realize my dreams disregarding what is my current situation of the moment. Right now I’m completely focus on:

1. Becoming an international famous and rich actress with a prolific career in the Hollywood Cinema Business. During my journey I realized that acting and writing are the two my most powerful and natural skills. And my desire is making a significative contribution in changing this world in better and helping people in being happier and happier.

2. Becoming an experienced horsemanship woman. Thus to spend the rest of my life with these wonderful and sacred creatures, struggling for building an harmonious, noble and helpful partneship between them and human beings.

3. To free myself from the slavery that the nowadays society keep us caught into, through the illusions of the Consumerism. We have been brought up with the big lie that an academic knowledge and a full time job would have given us independence and freedom. Rather,it just sucks our lives away, taking from us precious life time, keeping us on the survival state on both quality and financially level. I have so many interests, I’m such a curios and adventurous creature, always seeking for growth. So that I want to have the time and the financial tool, which allows me to enrich my life day by day, studying, dancing Salsa, playing guitar, painting and sculpturing, travelling and knowing new cultures and people. Last but not least, having time to spend with my family.

Where do I find the time and the financial risources to accomplish everything?
  • A burning Desire to change.
  • Mindfulness – meditation, visualization of all of my goals every single morning and prioritizing.
  • Knowledge – Four books in particular utterly changed my point of view and my believes. Hence, they guided me in taking new brand quality actions. The books are: 1.”Think and grow rich” by Napoleon Hill 2. “The science of getting rich” by Wallace D. Wattles 3. “The power of now” by Eckhart Tolle 4. “Rich dad and poor dad” by Robert Kiyosaki….and one movie, the movie: “Matrix” (1999), just the first one.
  • Education and Action – And here comes SFM. A refined and proved business system designed to form, educate and assist any kind of back ground people in creating their own business from scratch, through training, Community of peers and Support which allow you to design your dream lifestyle and earning while you are learning.

Watching the free 7 days video series, Stuart Ross, made me reflect on ONE THING, WHICH IS THE THING: you cannot expect to succed in a digital era with an industrial mindset. ” If you really want for your life to change, you MUST to start acting differently”.

Extending the point to what is our real Essence, what comes out is this: we cannot expect to succeed if our limited  mindset reduces our infinite powerful soul into a weak rational box made of pure flash and bones. Awake. You are the Universe and everything (either positive or negative) your mind conceives it get materialized.

When I made the decision to build an on line business up, the society had already declared my dignity and my future to death.

As an adult Italian highly educated woman (36 years old) who left her country to immigrate in the UK, starting a new brand life to grab the chance to enrich and develop her own life. There was just a problem, I had to start everything from scratch again because the language barrier and because I left the whole my old life behind. I went to England just with three thousand Euro borrowed from my mom. Hence, I found myself as adult to live as a teenager student again and working for survival at the same time. For as much as I could do never it was enough to gain just a middle class position. Despite all my successes, there was always something extra necessary to earn a rubbish salary of £ 2000 per month as self-employer and still no one was able to ensure me a financial security. My best outcome after six years of struggles was warking as a mad seven days out of seven for an average of twelve hours per day to be able to do my horsemanship apprenticeship and doing another job which gave me the money to pay the bills. Plus I was doing my Drama school (which I had already done in Italy years ego) a couple of time a weeks. No time to do anything else. Neither enough time to develop my studies. Clearly, the solution of the change was inside me

As I refused myself to carry on believing that that was my reality and my future, the life opened me up more and different chances…and then I met SFM. Finally, someone started talking about financial education and independency, location freedom, working smart rather than working hard, profitable and passive income etc. Someone like me who deeply believed that you can and must make up your own reality and your own world, because you are a Creator.

Therefore, I preferred much longer working hard for myself rather than for someone else. Personally, I have seen in SFM the chance to realize all my dreams, desires and needs. I have seen a very much stimulating group of peers I can make my journey with and accomplish my lifetime mission. Making happy as many people as I can.

I wish and I want to strive for such a life.

Let’s keep our minds focused on and let’s smash it altogether then. Happiness and wealth are our birth rights guys, and our dreams are our lifeblood.




Love and Peace and never ever  give up. 

Jasmine Testa