Re-programming the subconscious mind.

Or how to have a successful and happy life.

Are you not tired to be the victim of someone else’s programme which tells you the life you have to live?

Because this is it. The subconscious mind is not other than a programme which has been imprinted into your brain (neuronal path connections) since your birth up to the age of seven years by your family, by the school, by the neighborhood, by media…by the society or “The Matrix”. And you think that our conscious mind, or our will power controls just the 3% of our life. All the rest is led by the subconscious mind, on autopilot. So when you are not focused, who is acting it is not you. But someone else. Think about how many times your negative inner talking led you to undertake action, voluntarily or not.

Yes, your words become your reality….then what are you waiting for to make a real and deep change into your life? …and I mean giving life to your dream reality. That reality where you are free, health, wealth and happy. That reality where you are worthy whatever you desire, because YOU ARE A CREATOR.

Are you not tired to live someone else’s life? Are you not exhausted to see all your efforts and struggles sabotaged by your subconscious mind? Is not your heart broken in pieces enough for being too often either rejected or denied? Haven’t you missed enough time of your life time working for someone else’s pockets? Haven’t you ignored enough your passions and/or loves and affections to fit masks and chains that this society expects you to? Are you not fed up enough to open your eyes every morning feeling tired, empty and halfhearted to face another day, which doesn’t make sense at all to you? Are you not torn from seeing your dreams fading away more and more? Really is it not dark enough to make you eager to undertake whatsoever it would take for turning your life into a shining best version of you?

My break through point.

I know very well where you come from my friend. Because I come from the same place and the price I had to pay for my awakening was too high. I opened my eyes when my blindness and fear had already made me make the most horrible mistake. Unfaithfulness, which brought my life on the lowest frequencies and what it had been materialized was a loss. All in one go. I loss a love of mine and the grief had been so deep which at first, brought me sleeping for two days in a row simulating a eating, no drinking, but sleeping. When I woke up, I saw…I saw the matrix and I said ENOUGH. I didn’t want to give to myself nor to the people I loved any kind of pain anymore. I didn’t want to accept to be a victim of myself any longer. The unknown wasn’t scarier of my known any more. That one was my break through point.
I was ready to undertake any action which would have taken me to my own place. The place of who I was born to be…a creator. And as such I have started to heartedly pursue my happiness and my soul purpose, action after action. Meticulously planning my inner and outer revolution step by step: investing on my education and re-programming, investing on my development. Strictly selecting people to hang out with and looking for my pears. Changing diet, because we are what we eat. Hence, eating dead living beings, means to keep sailing on law frequencies. Doing my daily gym exercises and jogging. Because the physical state (fitness) deeply influence the mind and vice versa. It is a circle. Getting the right amount of sleeping time, which is necessary to the regeneration of cells and creation of new neuronal paths. Disciplining myself through the use of my will power. And now I can say I’m on my way to be the best version of myself.

Now, if you pick the red pill…keep going reading.
But be aware that there’s no way back from Awareness.

How to re-programme the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind re-programming it’s like re-cording over a type a new programme, which will act any time your conscious is off. Scientifically speaking, we are going to build new neuronal path ways. Therefore, it is paramount offering to the brain a strong foundations house, which means a very health and fit body made up by positive, productive and health habits such as:

  • Plenty of sleep. At least 8 hours per night.
  • Plenty of exercise.
  • Good health food. Preferably plant based food. For those who are carnivorous, could replace the meat with fish. The salmon is a powerful boost for the brain. Then plenty of fruit and vegetables. In particular blueberries, walnuts and broccoli.
  • Social connections. Look for your peers or people who can inspire you rather than expire yourself.
  • Emotional Regulation or balance.

It is such a work which requires a religious daily commitment until it will turn to be your own nature. From that moment later on you won’t change your life with anything in the world…because that world it is YOURSELF.

The process = Your journey: choose who you want to be and make your own masterpiece.

As everyone and each of us is different so our journey will be. There isn’t a process which is equal for everyone: time, combination of actions, habits building, choices, techniques, procrastination, fears and obstacles, weaknesses and strengths, organization skills, commitment and positiveness, imagination and capability to recall feelings making them alive. All of them are variables which make our journey unique.

  • Therefore the first important step it’s asking to yourself WHY. Because the why will lead your focus.
  • Alignment: make your energy vibrating on the same frequencies of things you want to attract.
    To be able to accomplish the alignment, the all parts of your brain (four) have to collaborate and work in Sync through repetition:

-Mental clarity:

Sight = Visualization (Images)and writing.
Write down your goals, as many times as your brain needs to transform any discrepancy.
Hearing= Affirmations and reading.
The affirmations have to be done as many times as your subconscious needs to be convinced. The more the better.
Read aloud your goals daily.

– Emotional=Feelings:
While visualizing and affirming, do recall the positive feelings linked to that specific image and affirmation and make it real. Like it is already happening.

– Spiritual: Meditation.
Focus on your soul purpose and do extend Awareness of your real nature. You are the Infinite Intelligence. You are Good. Practice for the Unity.

– Physical body into Action. Do undertake coherent actions and Fitness (good health).

  • Hypnosis or if you want save money there’s a DIY method which is the daily ”I AM” affirmations coupled to a night listening of subconscious re-programming audio while you are sleeping. You can buy them or find good audios for free on you tube. Personally I used those on you tube, as there are some of them which are very good and effective. I will pin a video at the foot of the article, in the Red pills section. Plus you have the video at the top of the article.
  • Consciously willing and alert to kill and transform any negative thought passes through your mind. When it happen just stop, take one deep breath and say aloud with an authoritarian tone  “that is an old programme which I want to replace with this new one: (say the positive thought)”

This is a journey and as such you cannot expect to do everything in one go. We are talking about revolutionizing your life starting from the most ingrain habits, like your diet. Bare in mind that you are changing your being. This requires time, practice, patience, commitment, discipline and perseverance. Take a habit per time. When you have changed it pass over the second one til you have filled the list. If you fail in something, never mind as you can start it again. When you are ready to act everything together as the article says tick your calendar.

If you meticulously do this job for at least 100 days in row, you will have your dream life and you will set yourself free from any chain. “The Force is with-in you”.

Now if you are one of those people trapped with a nonsense job, which is sucking your life away and yet keeping you on a survival lifestyle while making you feel miserable because either you haven’t enough money to launch your dream career. Or you are forced to live far away from your country and family. Or you are seeing stuck in one place rather then travelling the world. Or you are forced to wear a mask which is not you. Or you feel frustrated because that job has nothing to do with who you are and doesn’t give you the chance to speak out and make up your own world. Well, I have got good news for you….Click here or on the button “Start here your financial revolution” at the top left hand side of the page for insights. You will give to yourself the chance to materialize your own Freedom lifestyle. A free series workshops which will train you on how to create a business from scratch just with a laptop and an internet connection. Finally, your passion can be your lifestyle.

If you have found this article handy and/or compelling, please do share it with someone you love.

Love and Peace…and never ever give up.

Some red pills for the deeper divers.

Movie: “The secret”.
Video: “I AM” Affirmation while you sleep
Song: “Don’t worry be happy” by Bobby McFerrin
Book: “The three magic words” by Uell Stanley Anderson
Blog post by George J. Ziogas

How to turn negativity into a constructive achievement.

Or rather successful mindset: Fear re-programming in four simple steps.

Yes, here we are. When the moment counts, fears off paralyze us, stopping the flow through our mind working out. Which means our neuronal connections are producing rubbish behavioral patterns such as self sabotaging, self doubting, self pity, scarcity thoughts and so on…and why?…Because we all most of the time think that we are our emotions and rather than managing them, we left them leading us to make the wrong choices and actions. This is the reason why we fail an audition or a job interview or a competition or a business strategy or a relationship. Even though we had worked hard for that specific achievement, we were skillful enough for it and we were ready to have it all. Yet, it’s still missing the right mindset…Did we actually believe that we deserved anything we were working for? At the time of the crucial moment, were your thoughts focused on your fears rather than your desires? were you worried rather than serene? Did you have a grimace on your face rather than a smile? If the answer is yes, why are you surprised of your failures or negative events which happen into your life? It is you to create them, maybe unconsciously, but it’s still you. Hence, rather than be a victim of your fears and thoughts, why don’t you takeover holding the reins of your life.

How do you do it?

Fear can be used as fuel if you get aware about what Fear is, how it works ( the mechanism by which is triggered and how to cope with it) and what fears you have. Then, you can make the alchemy in four simple steps: 1. Recognize 2. Reframe. 3. Release 4.Retrain.

Now, if you pick the red pill…keep going reading. But there is no way back from Awareness.

What is Fear and how it works?

Fear is an unconscious biological response that steams from having certain deeply rooted beliefs and past experiences. In other words, it is an emotion. Fear is an emotional response to our thought. Therefore, if we have beliefs or past experiences that triggered Fear at that time, it will act each time is triggered again as unconscious. Because the prime past experience made up that specific neuronal path which has been fired by the repetition of the same response to similar situations. As already said in our previous articles. This is the mechanism, now let’s going to see when Fear can be triggered by what. 

This emotion is a defense mechanism which is triggered by everything can threaten our survival. Now, here there is the trap. The brain doesn’t make any distinction between false and real neither between past and present. There is just the present moment and anything belongs to our beliefs is real regardless. This is the reason why we see and perceive just what we are. The reality is just subjective or an illusion. Hence, even when our fears come from a concern which is not real, because nothing happened yet. The projection of something which could happen make it real. We are aligning ourselves and tuning on that kind of frequencies (negativity) that will make it happen. It comes by itself that fears turn to be real to ourselves even when they are just a concern or fake. That’s why is paramount having and keeping a positive (successful) mindset.

Fear can be triggered by:

  • Unusual sounds.
  • Loss, loneliness, abandonment.
  • Unpleasant smells or tastes.
  • Vague visual stimuli.
  • Sudden movement.
  • Unfriendly faces.
  • Potential pain and discomfort.
The biggest fears are:
  • Fear of failure.
  • Fear of not being good and smart enough.
  • Fear of disappointing either yourself or someone else.
  • Fear of being rejected.
  • Fear of being blamed.
  • Fear of Success.
  • Fear of being ashamed.

Get note of your fears and let’s starting off the process for making up a successful mindset by Fear re-programming.

Fear re-programming in 4 simple steps for constructive achievements.

The necessary premise is that:

  • you must separate what you do (failure) from what you are (failer).
  • Be aware that fears are subjective. Therefore, what is frightening for someone is not frightening for someone else.
  • Bear in mind the 3 ancient responses that the unconscious mind triggers as a mechanism of fear: 1. Running away. 2. Fighting your way out of the situation. 3. Freezing (not taking action).

After that, the solution is RE-FRAMING a thought = RE-PROGRAMMING.


Write down what are your fears or thought patterns, beliefs or emotions that held you back from success.
Keep in mind that your past is not equal your future. Rather your current decisions are equal your future. And then make the shift into the self-talking that held you back by making self questions and /or changing vocabulary. For example, ask to yourself “what are the 3 things you learned from that experience, which can lead you to success'”. And highlight all your positive qualities with a scale of 5:1.

SECOND STEP=RE-FRAMING a thought pattern.

Do link something positive to a negative experience through visualization: do writing down the negative experience, visualize it and do feel the emotions and remember YOU ARE NOT THE EMOTIONS. When you can manage both emotions (be detached) and thoughts (keeping a positive thinking) you have mastered them and stopped the automatic patterns. 
It won’t be enough doing it just once. The creation of new neuronal patterns (thoughts) comes from REPETITION and the minimum time is: 2 minutes every day for 30 days.

THIRD STEP=REALEASING negative thoughts and fears.

There are different ways to do it but everything comes down on BREATHING. Taking from 5 to 10 deep breaths and than you can do stretching or having a nice 15 minutes walk somewhere.


This is a process (Alignment) which involves a daily cycle of brain exercises lasting for at least 100 days in row with no exceptions to see results:

  • Visualizations : project what you want to be your new belief.
  • Emotionalize: make alive your visualization feeling what you seeing.
  • Acting in coherence: make 3 daily actions which take you closer to that new reality.
  • Affirmations: repeat aloud to yourself coherent sentences on yourself which see you as already there. Call out your new reality as you have already achieved it.

To briefly summarize, I would say whatever happen stay positive, be smiling and focused on your dreams and solutions rather than be worried and fearful. Then your present moment would be your freedom lifestyle.

If you have found this article helpful, please share it with a person you either love or care.

Love and Peace…and never ever give up.

Some red pills for the deeper divers

Alignment cycle- Reprogramming
The song: The remedy by Jason Mraz
The book: Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill
The movie: The blues brothers


Self Sabotaging is not inescapable.

Awareness of Fear turns Self Sabotage into Freedom.

What is exactly Self-sabotaging?

Yes, this is the question “what is it?”Have you ever found yourself a step away from your lifetime changing decision…and just when it’s time of making the last, final move you fall apart because of a little devilish voice, which hypnotizes you leading your action toward either a runaway or a fight to get out from the situation or freezing?

Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

We are facing our Self Sabotaging action as the by-product of Fear, as a repetition of our “familiar thoughts”or properly called neural pathways. Which have the mission to ensure the energy saving for the human’s brain in case of any life-threatening situation in order to survive. And when do we feel Fear, whether is real or not, our brain receives an alarm message. Hence, his re-action is a defensive closure embodied in behaviour repetition (said neural pathways), which is our subconscious mind (see my previous post). As the latter learned at young age, how to get away from everything associated with danger and pain…and wherever there’s Fear there are both danger and pain.

We are perfect as we are.

Our body is meant to conservation and survival, this is the reason for its self-healing power and its defensive mechanism. Which means it works perfectly. Then why things go wrong? Because we don’t know how our body/mind works. Because we don’t know the nature of our body/mind. Because we don’t know who we actually are and because we don’t know the power of the Unity/Alignment.

Self Sabotaging is not inescapable. The alchemy to turn it into Freedom is not allowing to Fear to be triggered by our thoughts. As we don’t see things as they are. But we see things as we are. And if we are so weak to believe that are being ends with our brain and emotions, then we actually will end up to be slaves of our thoughts and emotions, whatever they are.

Now, if you pick the red pill…keep going reading. But there is no way back from Awareness.

So, what is exactly Fear?

Fear is an unconscious or subconscious re-action (again) expressed as an emotion to danger, pain, discomfort, unknown and uncertainty. As such it is made of law vibes, which are the frequency of negativity. Therefore, our mind (neuronal pathways) would be crucially affected by them, focusing our attention(thoughts) on what we are fearing. Thus to manifest it, making it real thank to the Self Sabotaging re-action. This is called negative alignment or rather mind, heart, body and spirit working together as Unity.

If we are capable of negative alignment, can we practice positive alignment, thus to act the alchemy which turns Self Sabotaging into Freedom?

Yes, we can and it should be our own daily reality. This would mean getting out from “The Matrix”and finally to be Creators. What we were born to be.


The point is learning to recognize when our own fears are triggered in action and stopping our thoughts with few deep breaths. Which is like to say do switch off your brain (for further diving see “How to escape from an empasse”). The breath is our Gateway for bending reality, just as Neo bent the teaspoon. See yourself with your soul’s eyes and what you’ll see is your body. Stop the identification, thus to stop the negative vibes. When you feel your body clear through your breathing,thank the Universe for what you truly are and then just live in the moment (the Now)starting focusing your mind on your desires, on your Freedom, on your plans, on your family, on Love, on Sex, on whatsoever makes you smiling and feeling such powerful positive emotions as much as the Fear one.


Accept the fact of matter that the only thing we know is that we don’t know and embrace your wonderful journey.

Get out from your comfort zone, re-frame your thoughts or rather re-programme your subconscious mind and materialize the lifestyle you were born for. The financial situation included.


If you have found this post helpful, please share it with someone you care of.

Love and Peace …and never ever give up.

Some red pills of awareness for the deeper divers:

Focusing yourself into alignment with your desires – Abraham Hicks

The song “Living in the moment” by Jason Mraz

The movie “Limitless”2011, Director Neil Burger.

Make the work to be the expression of your soul’s purpose.

Perfect mind: perfect ride.

How to escape from an impasse.

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How to make a crucial decision when you are not sure?

The first step is to switch off your brain and stop  re-acting. 

How many times have you found yourself on the edge? Struggling to keep the mind clear because you have to make that decision as ASAP…and you cannot fail. But the mind makes only noises and keeps you trapped in an impasse, because you don’t know which one of the several options the mind gave you, is the right one….They contradict each another but still all of them are possible and each of them at times seems to be the best decision to make. It depends just on the life state of the moment you are feeling. Welcome into the “Matrix”.

“Matrix” is the world that all of us common mortal beings know and live every day. Where time, space gravity dictate the rules and where the math is a mere science with the purpose to define the matter. In this world, you are perfectly identified with your mind and your body. As such you are just a limited being which lives into the illusion of a reality made of what is perceived through the five senses. This is the dichotomous world of sin, fear, aging, poverty, violence, disease, wrong or right,  and death. You have none chance in this world. Because someone else (family, society, environment) has already established the rules of the game and most importantly, has already defined who you are and who you will be through programmes activated in different phases of your childhood.

As well known, the brain tends to repeat the same neuronal paths imprinted by prime  experiences we have had up to the age of 7 years, for survival reasons. It happen because the brain doesn’t distinguish present and past. But it lives always in the present moment. The “Now”. In other words, our brain gives to our body (feelings and emotions) the command to act always at the same way even though we are experiencing different situations at a different age with different people. It is called “anachronism”.

This lead us to a permanent feeling of stress, insecurity, dissatisfaction, anger, fear and head us in making mistakes when we believe to be our mind and our body. Especially if we are emotionally involved. Therefore, the first step to make for escaping an impasse, is to recognize that we own our mind and our body: we have feelings and thoughts. Rather then we are our feelings and our thoughts. This is crucial. This awareness allows us to shut our brain up at our will. Because we know that we are not our Ego and there is none threat which can harm us. Since we stop to mind to ourselves as matter and we start to think about us as “Energy”, everything changes. Included our habit to put our brain on autopilot mode. Consequently, our body won’t re-act with inappropriate emotions. This happen as we recognize our soul made of the same substance of the Universe that is vibrations/frequencies=Energy. What we call Energy is the Divine Intelligence which permeates, penetrates and fills the inter space of the Universe. Therefore, we are the Divine Intelligence, we are the Creators. As such, we own the power to materialize whatsoever with the power of our thoughts and emotions. But mind this point, because here there is not distinction between positive and negative. Every thought filled by emotions gets materialized either positive or negative. Indeed, it is wise not to make any action when we are in this low frequencies mode. As the result is likely to be a mistake which could turn into a lost/loss.

If you want to achieve different results you must think and act differently.

The second step is diving deep into the “Now” and surrender.

Hence, awareness is the key of the Heaven door. We must align ourselves with high frequencies which get us into the Flow of the Universe and makes us Creators.

We must stop to think at the reality as it looks like at the current moment and be aware that we can create a completely new one at our pleasure. The secret is to be present hundred percent into the “Now” despite the events. Which means detaching ourselves from the reality where we are identified with our mind and focusing on observing our mind ( what kind of thoughts we have) and our body reaction while we are living a certain situation. As we are looking ourselves from outside. If the outcome is a tense body, thought headed to the past, feeling of sadness, anger, frustration, doubt, scarcity, insecurity or anxiety when thoughts are into the future. Then we know that our brain is tracking an old pattern or neuro path which we want to change.

First of all, we need to surrender for the change to happen. That means finding the strength to recognize and accept the situation for what it is being aware that whatever is happening is just our life time situation and as such is temporary. Then always being in touch with our Essence which reminds us that our life time is not our life time situation and less than ever it can be confined and limited from what is happening in this reality. We can tap into our Creator power to get the creativity inspiration and get the situation changed by following the Flow of the Universe. This involves staying into the present moment avoiding to add any psychological time. As any projection either past or future once is just a victimizing get away from the moment and it is a resistance to what is happening. This will fail the surrender.

The third step is Acting.

Just stay in touch with Nature as much as you can. Breath deeply getting into yourself the light through feeling the energy flowing into your body, each single part of it. And keep the clarity of mind feeling and knowing that you are the captain. The brain is just a tool which has not to be used for getting the creativity inspiration. After all, this is the right time to get Action.

Here action has got a double meaning, hence it requires a double action:

  • Inner Action. We have to visualize the outcome we aim to and feel it as it was already materialized. This meditation has to be done every day, until we get the result achie
  • Outer Action. Making an Action plan to achieve the goal and doing a little action every day which leads to the wanted result.

From this point of view, failures are just necessary middle steps to achieve our best version of ourselves.

Now,  whatever nature your impasse comes from get the following actions and you will thank me:

The movie “The Matrix

This book will change your life. “The power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle.

Diving a little bit further deep into the subconscious mind reprogramming.

A financial and existential shift.

 Love and Peace and never ever  give up.